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Famous Montessori Students

Montessori students can become actors/actresses, chefs, artists, musicians, authors and more…

Sergey Brin

sergey-brinOn the Barbara Walters ABC-TV Special “The 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2004″ Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of the popular Internet search engine, credited their years as Montessori students as a major factor behind their success. Having been friends since childhood, when Barbara Walters asked if the fact that their parents were college professors was a factor behind their success, they said no, that it was going to a Montessori school where they learned to be self-directed and self-starters. They said that Montessori education allowed them to learn to think for themselves and gave them freedom to pursue their own interests.


George Clooney

george-clooneyGeorge Timothy Clooney (born May 6, 1961) is an Academy Award and two-time Golden Globe-winning American actor, director, producer and screenwriter, known for his role in the first five seasons of the long-running television drama ER (1994–99), and his rise as an “A-List” movie star in contemporary American cinema.



Eric Cornell, PhD

eric-cornellEric Allin Cornell (born December 19, 1961) is a physicist who, along with Carl E. Wieman, was able to synthesize the first Bose-Einstein condensate in 1995. For their efforts, Cornell, Wieman, and Wolfgang Ketterle shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001.



Helen Hunt

helen-huntHelen Elizabeth Hunt (born June 15, 1963) is an Emmy, Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning American actress, perhaps most widely known for her role in the television sitcom Mad About You.



Will Wright

will-wrightWill Wright (born January 20, 1960) is an American computer game designer and co-founder of the game development company Maxis. He is best known as the original designer of computer games such as SimCity, The Sims and Spore.”Montessori taught me the joy of discovery…It showed you can become interested in pretty complex theories, like Pythagorean theory, say, by playing with blocks. It’s all about learning on your terms, rather than a teacher explaining stuff to you. SimCity comes right out of Montessori—if you give people this model for building cities, they will abstract from it principles of urban design.”


Jeff Bezos

jeff-bezosJeffrey Preston Bezos (born January 12, 1964) is the founder, president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of Bezos, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton University, worked as a financial analyst for D. E. Shaw & Co. before founding Amazon in 1994. He was TIME magazine’s Person of the Year in 1999.


Lea Salonga

lea-salongaLea Salonga-Chien (born Maria Ligaya Carmen Imutan Salonga on February 22, 1971 in Angeles City, Philippines) is a Tony, Olivier, Drama Desk, and Theatre World award-winning Filipino singer and actress who is best known for her portrayal of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon. In the field of musical theater, no other Filipino has achieved the same international recognition as Salonga. She has been the first to win various international awards for a single role.


Joshua Bell

joshua-bellJoshua David Bell (born 9 December 1967) is an American Grammy Award-winning violinist.




Julia Child

julia-childJulia Carolyn McWilliams was born in Pasadena, California, on August 15, 1912 to her proud parents John and Caro McWilliams. John McWilliams junior was a second generation pioneer and was known for his strong will, reserve in private matters, and public service. Julia was their first born and was known as a wild child. At age four, Julia was enrolled at the local Montessori school of May and Augusta Davies who had studied with Dr. Montessori.


Friedensreich Hundertwasser

friedensreich-hundertwasserFriedensreich Hundertwasser was born in Vienna in 1928 as Friedrich Stowasser. He initially gained acclaim for his paintings, but is currently more renowned for his unique architectural stylings. His revolutionary ecological stands with regard to architecture have earned him the nickname “Architecture-Healer.” His works have been used for flags and stamps, coins and posters, schools and churches. In his youth, Hundertwasser attended a Montessori school in Vienna, which influenced both his affinity for vibrant colors and respect of nature. He collected pebbles and pressed flowers as a child, demonstrating an interest in items that are precious and small at an early age, which later manifested itself in his collections of Venetian glass and Japanese fabrics.