I have been extremely fortunate over the past 30 plus years to have worked with young children as a Montessori Directress. I have seen the school grow from a one room classroom into a well established school with the help of its dedicated teaching staff. Maria Montessori’s vision for children is evident in our classrooms. Children have the opportunity to develop to their full potential with the aid of beautiful materials and enriched environments. Regardless of where children’s paths take them, it’s gratifying to know a part of Montessori will always be with them. - Donna Crowther – Casa (Preschool) Teacher – Montessori School of Sudbury

The Montessori School of Sudbury truly does meet the needs of each individual child. They are always allowed and encouraged to learn at their own pace. My two girls are happy and love to learn. - Faith Mellenger-Brown – Montessori School of Sudbury Casa Parent

We have been members of the Montessori School of Sudbury since 1996. While we were initially attracted to the school by its reputation for providing an enhanced academic program, we have appreciated many additional benefits over the years. The importance of respect for others, self and the environment seems to be infused into all group and individual activities. There is an intentional absence of direct competition within the classroom setting and a strong sense of trust and respect between our children and their teachers. These wonderful elements have combined to provide an encouraging and secure environment for our boys to try new things and push their limits both academically and socially. We highly recommend the school’s qualified staff and teaching philosophy. – Scott and Julie Barr – Montessori School of Sudbury Elementary Parents

In my experience, Montessori school was an extremely beneficial educational venture. The positive atmosphere and open concept learning allowed me to build my skills as an individual while experiencing social interactions at a young age. These skills fostered my outgoing personality. The early reading and math concepts taught daily gave me an extra edge all throughout my later schooling, which I’m now noticing more than ever. Specifically, the early reading proficiency put me ahead of the class. - Laura Vettoretti – Graduate of the Montessori School of Sudbury Casa Program 1991

From the age of 3, our daughter Alex (now 10) has attended and grown with the Montessori School. It is a credit to her teachers that she has become a confident, imaginative and independent student. We have seen her enthusiasm for school and the learning process only grow over the years and feel confident that she has developed the necessary skills to be a life-long learner. - Mike and Karen Franklyn

Our schools and our teachers have a profound effect on our lives. Each of us can recall a time when school was a joy or a struggle. Who we become is formed in part by our school experience – good or bad. Our son, Keenen has finally found a place that embraces his individuality. The care and consideration that he has received has helped to improve his school experience immensely. We wish that we had been here years ago at the Casa level. We can’t thank you enough Montessori School of Sudbury!” - Gwen Price and Rick Lavoie

My son, Alex, attended Montessori from September 2000 to June 2002. His Casa teacher, Miss Laura, was amazing. Alex is a very busy boy who, at times, cannot sit still. Miss Laura managed to teach him a great deal in a very short time. After 2 years, Alex was reading and doing math at an advanced senior kindergarten to early grade 1 level. In September of 2002, we placed Alex in the public system due to the lack of bussing and our shift work schedules. It was very difficult to leave the Montessori School of Sudbury as Alex had loved school and learning while attending there. He was very happy at Montessori. We found that the public system was quite regimented and taught the students only what was required. This was difficult for Alex, as he was more advanced than what was being taught due to his experience at Montessori. There were several times that Alex asked to return to Montessori because he no longer liked going to school. We would have returned him to Montessori if at all possible and still feel that way today. As parents, we need to find the best education for our children. At the Montessori School, students enjoy learning. Children need to have fun learning, because it is only then that they allow themselves to truly learn and gain all the knowledge that is presented to them. - Pam Paradis-Sokoloski, PENG

I do not believe there is a method better than Montessori for making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and awakening their curiosity regarding the secrets of life. - Gabriel Gárcia Márquez, Nobel Prize winner for Literature