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Toddler Program

The Toddler childcare program is an introduction to some of the materials and lessons that the children will encounter at the Casa level.

One of the most important roles of a Montessori caregiver is to adjust to Toddlers’ changing needs and to help them make the transition from one developmental stage to another. To carry out this role, caregivers prepare the childcare environment carefully and tailor their approach to both meet Toddlers’ needs and abilities and to present as many opportunities as possible for learning.

Our toddler program offers childcare for children 18 to 30 months of age. It incorporates both Montessori and play based materials.

Pre-Casa Program

The Pre-Casa program at the Montessori School of Sudbury integrates children into the Casa program and is offered to children 30 to 36 months of age either on a full-time or part-time basis.

Our Pre-Casa program provides a natural extension of the comfort of home where each child is nurtured and stimulated to reach his or her full potential. It provides a supportive environment designed to foster independence, language and creativity for children aged 30 to 36 months. The program focuses on the emotional and intellectual needs of each individual child within a secure environment specifically designed to stimulate and engage children in this age group. Confidence and self esteem grow through activities and materials that encourage self-expression and promote cognitive and gross motor development, as well as development of the senses and co-ordination.

The Montessori School of Sudbury’s Pre-Casa program is challenging, comprehensive and diverse. It is built on the recognition that children in this age group absorb effortlessly from his/her surroundings, just by living and doing. These children are curious about everything and thrive in our specially designed environment that provides endless opportunities for exploration, discovery and wonderment. Special materials with stimulating visual and tactile elements are literally at their fingertips, quenching their innate thirst to touch and manipulate the objects around them.

Our Pre-Casa Program provides:

  • a happy, relaxed and stimulating environment where children develop a willingness to share and the ability to respect the rights of others
  • encouragement for each child to develop their potential and individuality activities and guidance that will instill an understanding and acceptance of routines and limits
  • the ingredients necessary for your child to develop self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline and a feeling of security
  • a model of caring and respect for others regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, nationality or social origin

Casa Programs (English or French)

A Montessori Casa classroom is a uniquely designed learning environment that enables children to develop and learn naturally through spontaneous, self-directed activities.

Under the observation and guidance of a qualified Montessori directress, the child connects to and engages in this enriched environment. Students are encouraged to choose work independently and with freedom of choice. The unique Montessori materials are self-correcting and encourage independence and growth in both self-esteem and confidence.

Our Casa Program provides:

  • A Child Centred Community

    The Montessori classroom essentially becomes a thriving community where children are treated with respect and dignity and learn to treat others with the same respect and dignity.
  • “Self Formation”

    One of the most important aspects of Montessori education during this stage of development is the child’s development of personality and social behaviour within the multi-age setting.
  • The Prepared Environment

    The Montessori “prepared environment” respects and protects the child’s rhythm of life and is designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the child. This prepared environment is also intended to serve as a bridge to the outside world.
  • The Absorbent Mind

    Acquiring information in this way is a natural and delightful activity for young children who employ all their senses to investigate their surroundings. The Montessori student learns through a process of exploration and discovery with concrete, hands-on materials.
  • Socialization

    Each classroom is a cooperative community or “little society” where children develop social awareness and responsibility by respecting the rules of the classroom and treating others with kindness and concern. This respect for the structure, discipline, and boundaries of the classroom allow the children to enjoy freedom of both movement and speech.
  • French (English Only)

    Daily 30 minute lessons introduce the children to the French language through songs, games and other fun-filled activities. As in other core curriculum areas, emphasis is placed on hands-on activities where new vocabulary is taught using the actual object, which is then touched and felt, and by performing the action described.
  • Music & Movement Programs

    The movement program is designed to develop gross motor skills through organized games and activities. Music is incorporated into the movement program through rhythm, tempo and melodic exercises such as group and individual singing, playing of rhythm instruments and dance.

Additional Programs

The Montessori School of Sudbury offers the following additional programs:

  • Before and/or After School Program
  • Extended Care & Hot Lunch (11:30am - 1:00pm)
  • Hot Lunch Program

For pricing and part-time rates please contact us.

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